Steampunk Airships

Steampunk Airport provides crews with a real flying airship by combining a state-of-the-art remote-control helicopters with Steampunk-themed fuselages.

Based on an easy-to-fly, high-quality, co-axial helicopter, there are no worries about performance or service. These helicopters are inherently stable, perfect for the new pilot and indoor use. Replacement parts are available. 

Includes 4 channel DSM2 transmitter, spare rotors, charger and batteries, and LiPo battery. Length: 205 mm.

If interested in using one of these fuselages with another helicopter, be sure that it can lift at least 6.5 grams easily.  Some comparable helicopters such as the Blade MCX do not have sufficiently powerful motors.  Be sure that the controller board and motors have sufficient clearance, especially for the Mechano with its narrower body. These fuselages are only guaranteed to fit the GW 9998.

Flight times range approximately 6-7 minutes depending on the battery and how the helicopter is flown. Having spare batteries is a good idea.


A poster of these designs is available here:   Images.pdf
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