Coaxial (two counter-rotating rotors) helicopters are very easy to fly but a crash is possible until you are familiar with the controls.  There is an advanced mode documented in the instructions, if you should want more performance later.


Be sure to fly with fully charged batteries in the helicopter and transmitter or erratic performance may occur. Land as soon as there is a noticeable drop in power to protect the batteries from over-discharge. Timing flights is recommended to not discharge the battery below 20%. Depending on how you fly, flights will be 6-7 minutes. Having some extra batteries is a good idea but will require a charger if the batteries are not Great Wall replacements. Do not charge other batteries with the USB connector or transmitter.

Standard Operating Procedure

Please read the manual for its entertainment value if for no other reason. This really is a good helicopter. The manufacturer just did not want to pay for professional translation.

Helicopters, whether radio-controlled or full size, require maintenance and a preflight check. Be sure to remember to:

  • Read the manual.
  • Visually inspect helicopter ball links and other fittings.
  • Turn on transmitter before connecting battery to helicopter.
  • Connect battery
    • Remove halves of fuselage.
    • Connect battery without inserting into bracket.
    • Have helicopter resting level within 1-2 seconds. Hear servos initialize.
    • Mount battery in bracket.
    • Mount fuselage halves. Tweezers are handy for the O-rings.

Patience is a virtue with radio-control helicopters, whether for maintenance or learning to fly.  Take your time getting used to the controls. If a crash is imminent, cut the power to avoid damage to the helicopter.

Spare Parts

The helicopter comes with spare rotor blades.  If you need other parts, they are available from online hobby stores and eBay by searching on ‘Great Wall 9998’.  One of the nice things about the hobby is that helicopters can be repaired better than new.

Helicopter forums such as

are good places to learn more about individual helicopters.  Most questions can be answered by searching existing threads.  While not a forum, John Salt’s is an excellent introduction to the hobby.

Parts can be found at your local hobby store, Internet vendors, and Ebay. Searching online with these part numbers or on 'GW 9998' will locate parts for this helicopter.  

Spare batteries are useful to have on hand to increase flying time. The batteries wear out over time. Timing flights to avoid over-discharging batteries will prolong their life. 

The rubber O-rings, used for attaching the fuselages, are very small.  Having extras for when they are dropped on the shag carpet is a good idea. Tweezers are also useful for pushing them on.
  • Part Numbers
Item         Part Number      Description

Battery     EFLB2001S30        200 mAh 1-Cell 3.7V 30C LiPo Battery
O-rings     EFLH2226               Canopy Mounting O-rings

  • Sites
These sites have a selection of spare parts for the helicopter: (delivery to US and Canada)


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